Kenna Security

Senior Support Engineer • May 2017 — Present

Triage and correct client bug reports. Work with developers and business team to detect problems, and implement solutions.

Mbira Technologies

Systems Administrator • October 2016 — April 2017

System administrator for a LAMP based ecommerce website. Internal IT support, user management, systems monitoring and automation. I learned a ton about networking and systems administration at the organizational level here.

  • Worked with the developers and analytics team to deploy a new data warehouse using updated MySQL server software. This was a huge upgrade from MySQL 5.1 to MySQL 5.7. Implemented a parallelized load in process to bootstrap replication after copying nearly 3TB of business data. Supported analytics testing, as well as making necessary adjustments to the automation scripts to handle the changes to mysql in the 10 years between these releases.
  • Read through years of accumulated rules and scripts to determine an upgrade path for dozens of disparate cron jobs, using multiple languages, with temporal and network dependencies, from an aging server to a new host.
  • Worked with developers, QA, and business team during a complete website backend infrastructure update. This involved updates from CentOS 6, Apache 2.2 with mod_php and PHP 5 to CentOS 7, Apache 2.4, and PHP 7 running under php-fpm.
  • Implemented a more robust database backup solution, as the existing framework was incorrectly implemented, generating incomplete backups with no warning. Parallelized the backup solution, since the daily backup was taking more than a full day to complete. Created a spot check to audit created backups daily, and alert in any case where tables that were expected were not restorable.


Support Manger • May 2015 — October 2016

Training and supervision for a team of linux administrators. Handled customer issues by being the primary point of escalation both for client satisfaction issues and technical questions. Worked with sales and billing to ensure products were delivered as agreed, and that new customers were given the best experience possible.

  • Track and resolve recurring hardware issues
  • Track and resolve issues with service and software providers
  • First point of contact for escalation on weekends
  • Open, track, and resolve bugs in internal scripts and software
  • Provide input on base image changes for new installations


Linux Systems Administrator • May 2013 — May 2015

Build, install, manage and maintain linux based cpanel systems, on both virtual and physical servers. This was my first professional linux admin experience after years of personal use. I worked with many smart people who taught me a lot about the shell, SQL, and the internet.

  • Data center work including installation, removal, and on site repair of servers.
  • Build new servers on demand from stock, including raid configuration, memory testing, and disk provisioning.
  • Handle client issues via telephone and helpdesk software. Averaged 1100 messages per month in response to customer requests. Service Level expectation was 15 minute responses, and most issues were resolved in a few minutes.
  • Install and configure apache httpd and modules, mysql, mariadb, postgresql, php and supporting libraries and extensions, and custom software as requested.
  • Assist in diagnosis of IO and performance bottlenecks at the hardware, network, and database level.
  • Repair websites after damage from malicious activities. Provided guidance on removal and prevention of malware

Lutron Services Company

Customer Engineer • Apr 2005 — Aug 2010

Field Service Engineer providing onsite support for new installations and warranty repairs for single room to full building lighting control systems. Worked with client's designers, engineers, electricians, and end users to ensure systems met the needs of the application. Configuration incuding controls programming and verification. Field project management ranging from a single visit of a few hours to nearly full year commitments. As Northwest Team Leader provided support and guidance to five technicians in California and Washington covering a territory from Central California to Central Canada.

US Navy

Electronics Technician • Jan 1999 — Jan 2005

Monitor, maintain, and repair shipboard electronics suite, including Radio, Radar, and GPS systems. Administer and maintain HP-UX and NT4 based tactical systems.


Roosevelt University

Graduate study in Mathematics and Computer Science • 2012 — 2013

Courses in Number Theory, Advanced Algorithms, Game Theory, Wavelets, Advanced Probability, Operations Research

University of Illinois at Chicago

B.S. Mathematics • 2010 — 2012

Coursework in Statistics, Graph Theory, Algorithms, Data Structures, Computation, Algebra, Analysis, and Differential Equations

Research project in Artificial Intelligence resulting in conference paper at FLAIRS-25, An Approach to Evaluate AI Commonsense Reasoning Systems, applying early childhood intelligence tests to computer reasoning systems.


ThreadLine Studios

Web Developer • 2014 — Present

Web2py website used to manage a shared costume production space. Member management, station rentals and reservations, Lessons and Project contact forms.


Student Intern • Summer 2012

GSoC 2012 project implementing first order ODE solvers in Pharo Smalltalk. Created project packaging in Monticello, handling collaboration using google groups. Imported Random, Complex, and Quaternion packages from Squeak. Developed unit tests for coverage of existing code from Didier Besset's 'Numerical Methods' book.



C, Lisp, Smalltalk, Python, Ruby, Bash

Rails and Web2py frameworks

Reading/Patching level familiarity with PHP, Java, C++

Linux Server Software

MySQL, Postgresql, Apache, Nginx, memcached installation and configuration in Debian and RedHat environments. Bind DNS server. Exim, Postfix, Dovecot, and associated filter programs for email. In depth cPanel system experience.